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구성원 소개

지도교수: 김영섭 공과대학 전자전기공학과


  • ● Media and Image Processing
  • ● JPEG/MPEG Standard
  • ● HDR Coding and
  • ● AR / VR
  • ● Field Light data and Hologram data Processing
  • ● Machine Learning – Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Classification, Feature Extraction / Selection, etc.

연구내용 및 보유기술

2D - 3D Conversion
The image captured in the mobile environment is transmitted to the server to estimate the depth of the monocular image and generate a point cloud from the RGB-D image to perform modeling.

The 3D modeling process from monocular images is asynchronous, and the generated 3D model is displayed in a mobile environment.
Light Field Camera Imaging
Light Field Imaging can be applied in many places because light fields can capture spatial information and each information using Main Lens and Micro Lens Array.
Representative examples include Refocusing and All - in - Focus, Novel View and 3D Light field display

Using light-field, refocusing after capturing and depth estimation allows viewer to clearly see the point which they want to concentrate on and catch the anatomy, symomps, anomaly. Thus light-field imaging is potential for application such as medical dignosise, semiconductor defect detection.
JPEG Coding
JPEG coding is a process of compressing the input image data through Pre-processing , DCT(Discrete Cosine Transform) , Quantization , Huffman coding.
We benchmark not only existing compression technologies such as JPEG, but also technologies using Deep-Learning method. As Deep learning neural networks can achieve better compression efficiency than conventional image coding solutions and there is a high demand for compression in the future, Therefore, A potential advantage of such research is to prepare for the progress of cloud computing, autonomous vehicles and devices and else.
Image Inpainting
What is Image painting? Image painting is a widely used technique to restore a damaged part of an image or to naturally fill a deleted area after removing unnecessary characters or specific objects in the image. In other words, even if a part of the image is missing, a person can infer the empty part, so it means "I will restore it by applying deep learning technology" as shown in the picture.

In particular, we are focusing on the application of Inpainting that damaged Historical data restoration and occlusion brand logo restoration